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naked slider

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Nope, not going to do add a treatment to the sliding patio doors. Well, not with any of the ugly options out there. I much rather leave it naked than do something like this. Ick.
what to do about the slider?
…and, man oh man, how much am I loving these shades?!
The shades offer great privacy during the day while letting the sun in. At night, I draw the curtains on the bedrooms. The house feels like it is really starting to come together. Who knew that window treatments would make such a difference?


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05/29/2010 at 4:33

Son’s room

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I’ve made progress on Son’s room in the last few days. It is very early on in the process and there is a lot to be done, but so far, it is functional and he seems to like it. Of course, he is 2 years old and not really sharing many opinions with us just yet. However, the most important thing is that he has happily been sleeping *in his own room* since the first night we moved in! Woo Hoo!

No disrespect intended toward co-sleepers. We co-slept with Daughter for 3+ years, but Son is a very sensitive sleeper, so it’s just best for everyone that he’s decided to embrace his own private space.

k2's room

cute road rug.
little kritter bed. This was Daughter’s bed in the old house.
toddler road bedding.
and the lantern lamp is also Ikea.
Green comforter was an old one we already had.
Cars plush toy.
Twilight Turtle.

Entire cost of room so far is $164.00. This does not include green comforter (maybe a gift?), Twilight Turtle (definitely a gift) and does include a few extra $$ for a lamp kit.

Still need:
1) Dresser.
2) Wall Art – I have a big framed Korean alpha/word art print so far, but have not decided where to hang it.
3) Shelving unit like this one, maybe?

I like the way the baby blue + olive work together and want to incorporate more olive into the space. Thinking lime green as the 3rd color.

Oh, and how do I secure the light cord to the wall in a pleasant way? Any ideas?

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02/27/2010 at 4:33

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