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not so secret

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TV components are ugly. We have ours tucked into a slightly less ugly Ikea Hol table/cube. Hol does a good job of keeping most of the wires hidden. The open grid pattern means the remote control still works as it should too. Being able to stick our fingers through to use the components manually for those times the remote control goes on vacation is an added bonus. Hol cubes are $30 in the store. I try Craigslist before I buy most things and snagged it for $15.

ikea hol

Painting or staining it is on my list, but I’m not 100% committed to keeping it and don’t want to put in unnecessary effort. For now, it does what I need it to do so I’ll just wait and see how I feel about it in the future.

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06/08/2010 at 4:33

bags plus boots

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bags + boots

– inside the bags: out-of-season items (wool tights, scarfs, gloves, thermal tops, turtlenecks and the like) are kept until next winter while helping bags retain their shape, and more importantly, not taking up prime real estate in my drawers and closet.

– inside the boots: rolled-up hand towels and dish towels that have seen better days. (How about these to replace them?)

Handbags on display = warm and happy feelings in my heart (I realize that is freaky). Luckily, Husband doesn’t seem to mind, at the moment. Shelving unit was left in the garage by the previous owners.

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05/16/2010 at 4:33