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headboard, complete.

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The photo frame headboard project for the guestroom/office is complete. I’m pleased with the final results, but it was not as easy as I hoped. You cannot just use packaging tape to stick all the frames together and hang it up. You should really attach each frame with wood glue and a clamp. Take this advice and save yourself a headache, minor marital discord and fingers that don’t feel like fingers.

headboard, complete.

BTW, this project cost about $36. $1.99 per frame x 18 and I printed out the photos on my home printer. The individual frames are held together with packaging tape, clear gorilla glue and cut up some cardboard boxes.


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02/22/2010 at 4:33

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money talk + windows.

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My ever-helpful friend, Andie, and I chatted about spending today and it got me thinking. Not including the floors, molding or demolition, I have a budget of $1000 for the playroom. As of today, I have $580 left to buy supplies for all DIY projects, frames, any furniture, all toy and book shelving and the lighting fixture (inc. cost of installation). Any money I save will get pushed into a “reserve” fund in case I go over on another room. Since I am doing the most expensive rooms towards the end, I’m hoping to have a big reserve!

And what do you think of these paper garlands for a playroom window treatment? So cute and I could not beat the price on them. I can probably DIY something similar for Daughter’s room, but with stars or crowns or maybe butterflies? I love garlands because they can easily be moved anywhere in the house to give an unloved spot a little pick-me-up. It would be nice to find a local craft store with large punches for customers to use…

garland by Kalli Art

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02/05/2010 at 4:33

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