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bathroom confession

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I bought a wooden toilet seat for the Master bathroom and it made me so darn happy that I replaced the one in the kids’ bathroom too! I don’t care if they are dated and homely and design-backward. They feel so good when you’re doing your business that I’ll gladly make the exception. Something about the texture? The weight of it? A heavy seat makes me feel secure.

master bathroom
kids' bathroom

So now I have the wooden toilet seats *and* the treadmill in the living room. Why do I get the feeling that I’m in jeopardy of losing all 3 of the people who regularly read my blog? Hmmm.

One more thing about bathrooms. No bathmats! Ever! Yuck. I loathe the idea of stepping out of my clean shower onto a bathmat that has been stepped on over and over again. Shivers. However, what do you do about wet feet when you step out of the tub? Once you use your towel to dry off (we are single-use towel people), you fold it up and place it where a traditional bathmat would go. Replace as you go. This way, each towel has served two different jobs before hitting the laundry!

The photos do not show it, but there is a hamper in the kids’ bathroom. This makes for easy disposal of soiled towels and clothes. As the kids get older and start doing their own laundry, they will each get a hamper in their rooms. For now, a centralized location works best for me.

And, the master bathroom is still very much in the “before” stage. I would love for it to someday look like this bathroom:
inspiration room

That tile floor is eye candy. Ooh I am going to try my hand at painting ours!


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03/29/2010 at 4:33

word clouds

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I love word art. And free word art?! Ooh just the cherry on the sundae. I used Wordle to make some *personalized* word art for our bathroom. (Wordle is down indefinitely. sadface. Lucky for us, abcya makes great word clouds too!) I hung it on the wall opposite the toilet. Who doesn’t want something to read when they’re…umm…you get the idea.

You can choose the direction of the words, the colors, the font and a bunch of other things. Making word clouds is so much fun! A great way to get the whole family involved. Why not make a word cloud print for a grandparent’s birthday? Or for your co-parent for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day using your little one’s choice of words?

p.s. I used regular scissors to round the edges on the print. Not perfect, but I’ll be the only one who’d even notice and I’m okay with it.

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02/27/2010 at 4:33

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