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no (good) excuses.

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Between summer trips, school starting and getting back to my light treatments, I have not had much time for interior decorating. And although this entry is not about decorating, it is about interior modification so let’s just pretend it counts.

Earlier this week, I asked my daughter what she worked on in class that morning and she told me about an activity involving a pink box of cards. One set had words and the other set had pictures. Her work was to match the correct picture with the correct word.

Got it.

So this morning when she was at school, I came up with this idea for the house.


This project can be made much cuter by printing out labels and using clear tape or a bright pushpin. I used what I had – black sharpie, painter’s tape and a scrapbook paper block. I may change it up in the future.

And if you are not keen on labeling your entire house, how about just your child’s bedroom, bathroom and playroom/yard?


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09/16/2010 at 4:33

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