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bathroom confession

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I bought a wooden toilet seat for the Master bathroom and it made me so darn happy that I replaced the one in the kids’ bathroom too! I don’t care if they are dated and homely and design-backward. They feel so good when you’re doing your business that I’ll gladly make the exception. Something about the texture? The weight of it? A heavy seat makes me feel secure.

master bathroom
kids' bathroom

So now I have the wooden toilet seats *and* the treadmill in the living room. Why do I get the feeling that I’m in jeopardy of losing all 3 of the people who regularly read my blog? Hmmm.

One more thing about bathrooms. No bathmats! Ever! Yuck. I loathe the idea of stepping out of my clean shower onto a bathmat that has been stepped on over and over again. Shivers. However, what do you do about wet feet when you step out of the tub? Once you use your towel to dry off (we are single-use towel people), you fold it up and place it where a traditional bathmat would go. Replace as you go. This way, each towel has served two different jobs before hitting the laundry!

The photos do not show it, but there is a hamper in the kids’ bathroom. This makes for easy disposal of soiled towels and clothes. As the kids get older and start doing their own laundry, they will each get a hamper in their rooms. For now, a centralized location works best for me.

And, the master bathroom is still very much in the “before” stage. I would love for it to someday look like this bathroom:
inspiration room

That tile floor is eye candy. Ooh I am going to try my hand at painting ours!


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03/29/2010 at 4:33

front door, before.

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before: front door

My hope is that working on the front door will inspire me to tackle the rest of the entrance and then the front yard. Right now, that all feels super overwhelming.

Another thought: how about switching out our current side panel for a single glass piece? See the first door in the previous entry. Oh damn, I have a feeling I’m going to want a new front door. Must. Resist.

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03/25/2010 at 4:33

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eyesore, i love you.

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2010 is the year of “less is more” for me. Less stuff in my house, less stuff in my car, less stuff in my mouth and less stuff on my body. So yeah, some folks, including Husband, may consider a treadmill + hula hoop mini-gym in the living room to be unsightly, but since that room’s dead last on the decorating list, I’ll keep it there as long as I can.

home gym

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02/08/2010 at 4:33

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playroom design.

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The playroom is first on my list for the one-room-at-a-time decorating plan. We bought this house for the kids and I’m so excited for them to have a beautiful and inspiring playroom all their own. If you are following along, you know that the dining room is the kids’ playroom. It is right across the kitchen and gets really nice bright light from the huge windows that look out to the side yard.

Here it is today:
playroom before

To do:

1. Change carpet to hardwood, tile or laminate floor. (hardwood is lovely, but the scratches drive me b-a-n-a-n-a-s! We have laminate in the bedrooms and I see *zero* scratches, even after moving around heavy furniture. It is making me reconsider laminate flooring (aka “hardwood’s ugly brother”).
2. Kitchen island removed.
3. Current dining light fixture changed to a kid-friendly fixture that’s flush on the ceiling.
4. Buy and build shelves for toy bins and books.
5. Hooks/mini-wardrobe/chest for dress-up clothes and accessories.
6. Hang mirror at kid height so they can see themselves dance, in costume, giggle, whatever. This is especially important for Daughter.
7. Window treatment. (thinking paper garland hung vertically)
8. Acquire tables/chairs for drawing, writing and eating snacks + lunch. (regular or kid size?)
9. Build train table in time for Son’s birthday.
10. Crown molding – this does look pretty easy. Hehe.

Purchases so far:
1) Forest Wall mural.
playroom mural

2. Girl in Hanbok.
hanbok girl print for playroom

3. Hello.
madebygirl print for playroom

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02/04/2010 at 4:33

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I’ve found you and I’m not letting go.

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Here’s a brief tour of the house after it was re-painted. Consider this clip to be the true “before” of the house.

That over-the-toilet thing in the bathroom is pronounced et-ah-jair not et-ah-jhee-yeh. Just ignore that part. We are removing it anyway, so just delete it from your memory all together 😛

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01/31/2010 at 4:33

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Paint Pickin’

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This morning we picked colors for all the interior rooms. We don’t have any time to go back to the house and see how they will look on the walls, so rather than obsessing about that, we chose colors we’ve loved for a long time and ones that would work well in a simple, minimalist living space. Of course, Daughter picked pink for her room and we picked a sky blue for Son. I plan to do some sort of transportation treatment on his walls. Trains, planes, automobiles. One or all of those. (The simple and minimalist aesthetic does not apply to the kids’ rooms.)


Ceilings (Flat)/Master bedroom (Flat) /Hallway Bath (Semi-Gloss)/ Master Bath (Semi-Gloss): Extra White SW 7006*
*not pictured.

Foyer/Dining Area/Living Room/Hallways/Guestroom/Kids’ Playroom: (Flat) On The Rocks SW 7671
Kitchen: (Semi-Gloss) Gray Clouds SW 7658
Daughter’s Room: (Flat) Anemone SW 6567
Son’s Room: (Flat) Blue Horizon SW 6497

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01/25/2010 at 4:33

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Day 1.

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Tomorrow, the popcorn removal + painting begins! Here are “before” pics from today. 

Front Door View:
Main Living Space - view from front door

View from the Sliders:
Main living space looking at Front Door

The Fireplace:
Fireplace in Main living space

Kitchen view from Kids' playroom

Kids’ Playroom – View from Kitchen:
View into Kid's playroom from Kitchen

Kid’s Playroom – View into Kitchen:
View from Kid's Playroom

Hallway looking across living room into kids’ playroom.
Looking Out from Hallway to Bedrooms

Son’s Bedroom:
K2's Room

Daughter’s Room:
K1's Room

Hallway/Guest/Kids’ Bathroom:
Kids' Bathroom
Kids' Bathroom

Master Bedroom:
Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom:
"Master" Bathroom
"Master" Bathroom

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01/24/2010 at 4:33

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