call me crazy (bottle lady)

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When I was a kid, my Mom and various aunts (I have many) routinely washed and reused containers for storing leftovers. Popular ones were yogurt, margarine and sour cream. It was always disappointing when I peeled back a familiar lid and did not find the thing I was looking for inside. Of course, their leftover food was perfectly fine; my childhood tastes just happened to be more grilled cheese & twinkies and less mug, dal, shaak or rotli.

Funny that now I’m the one who is the crazy bottle lady. I cannot bring myself to toss *any* glass bottle away – and I’m talking about into the recycle bin! As a result of this kooky habit, I’ve been using bottles (some painted, some not) all over the house for branches, plants, flowers or just displaying them bare. Needless to say, Goo Gone and I share quite an intimate relationship.



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06/04/2010 at 4:33

Posted in art, DIY, plants

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  1. lookin’ good! makes me want to go to the market right now and buy jarred food based ONLY on the look of the jar!!! i’ll just have to make myself eat whatever is in it so that I can enjoy the jar afterwards.


    06/04/2010 at 4:33

  2. I have not done that yet, Mina, but that is a VERY good idea! Maybe you and I can share tips about which foods have the most interesting jars?


    06/04/2010 at 4:33

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