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New “back splash” in the kitchen. You can buy the sticker mirror dots online here. I paid $7 in the clearance section of Home Goods.
back splash

$10 vase from the clearance section at Home Goods. This was my first time there and I loved it. You do have to dig around a bit to find the winners, but if you have some time, it is worth it.

10 buck vase

Pattern on this vase reminds me of Orla Kiely’s stem pattern. Eventually, it will be sitting on the mantel, flanking one side of the tv.

And the chair! I knew I’d love the look, but was not expecting for it to feel good. Thought it might be stiff, but this is one comfy chair. Now I’m hesitant to re-upholster and run the risk of ruining whatever magic combo of cushion + fabric that makes this chair so darn comfy.


A few things about the living room:

rug: playroom>guestroom>living room.
lamp: sitting on the floor because I’m waiting to visit LA to get an end table from my beloved cousin, Bharat. It kinda looks like this one, but is, “Very similar structure except more rectangular, dark brown walnut and the step-up top is supported by four minilegs.” Oooh I can’t wait!! How lucky am I to have such an awesome family who will give me furniture from their homes just because I ask?!?!?! Yes, very *very* lucky.
picture rail: I may add another one along the bottom, but not sure how tall my new sofa will be, so waiting for now. I don’t like the current spacing.

…and a family (iphone, of course) photo from our road trip to Watsonville:


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04/19/2010 at 4:33

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