coming together.

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Still waiting to hardwire her chandelier and a few other little things, but Daughter’s room is coming together. I moved the “dress-up” area to the nook next to her loft bed and hung up a mirror that Father-In-Law brought over a few weeks ago. It started off dark brown and I sprayed it white. We also took the doors off the closet for the illusion of more space and because they were freaking her out at night. I will get pictures once it is looking a wee bit neater.
coming together

These are two photos pieced together, so proportion is not accurate. Pink round rug is from here. Granny square blanket was a $20 (shipping incl.) ebay find. Love word art (on a leftover Ikea frame from headboard project) is free and can be downloaded from Brooklyn Limestone’s site, here.


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02/24/2010 at 4:33

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  1. Wow…that’s an amazing room. I am digging all the details…and I dunno why but I am really captivated by the wood grain on the bed. And you got a flotaki!!! Those things are awesome…


    02/24/2010 at 4:33

  2. Thanks. I’m enjoying our mutual blog love affair 🙂


    02/25/2010 at 4:33

  3. Hi Anju
    Kalini’s room look very decorative. I like all the things you selected. I am sure she is enjoying. We will come for her b’day party. i am trying to send all the stuff as soon as possible.You should take home decoration as a hobby. love you mom


    02/25/2010 at 4:33

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