Cleaning House.

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Day started early to start organizing all the stuff we did not want/need in the new house. Stuff like a broken hutch, chaise lounge with feet that went missing during last move, bench I reupholstered (it impales you when you sit on it the wrong way), one noisy fan, kids’ sandtable (Daughter is out of her sandbox stage and Son rather *eat* the sand than play in it), kids’ ride-on toys, kids’ trampoline (OMG if I had to break up one more fight over that thing…), kids’ strollers (kept 3, got rid of 3. shoutout to strollerswap mommas!), three rugs, the list went on and on. Bakari of BioDiesal Hauling arrived bright and early to take it all away. As much as it made me sick to the stomach to think about all the discarded stuff (his entire truck was packed to the gills and stuff was 9-10′ feet high), it feels just slightly better knowing that he’ll be working hard to re-home as much of it as he can. Bakari’s #1 is to keep stuff out of landfills. The sad fact is, the earth would be a much healthier place if people were all more like Bakari and less like me. I should have got a pic of the truck loaded up. It could have served as a big ol’ reminder to never let that happen again. Like a photo of me 18 lbs. ago pasted to the door to the kitchen.

On to some happy stuff…

Some of the rooms I’m totally digging at this very moment. I heavily rely on “inspiration rooms” for direction when designing my own space. Ooh just can’t wait to get started.

inspiration room
inspiration room
inspiration room
inspiration room


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01/27/2010 at 4:33

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  1. Love the muted and simple colors. Now, if only they made kid stuff in the same scheme. The fireplace on the first picture is just like yours. Are you thinking of adding a mantle?


    01/27/2010 at 4:33

    • Yes! I was thinking that same mantle. What do you think? Spare/Rustic/Mid-Cent-Mod. That’s is what I am thinking right now. Need the rustic in there because I will be fitting a deer head or moose head into the design. LOL.


      01/28/2010 at 4:33

      • I love that mantle. We have some friends that have mixed rustic with modern and have achieved an awesome duo. It’s kind of like a duet of two amazing singers (one country, and the other jazz)…but when it works, it just works!


        02/22/2010 at 4:33

  2. My goodness, thank you for such positive words!
    Would you mind if I quote some of this?

    My driveway is still filled, but slowly finding new homes for these things.

    As to the earth being a healthy place, adopting is about the biggest things we as Americans can do.
    I wrote about that not long ago.
    I actually admire you!

    Bakari Kafele

    01/30/2010 at 4:33

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